Management Team

Dr Mike Dawson, Chief Executive Officer

Mike spent 20 years in the pharmaceutical industry with GlaxoSmithKline and legacy companies where he played leading roles in natural product based drug discovery and the application of biological processes to drug manufacture.

Mike has spent the last 12 years in the biotech sector in the antibacterial field. He left GSK in 2002 to set up Novacta Biosystems Ltd where, as Chief Scientific Officer, he led development of the company's C. difficile programme (NVB302) to a successful phase I clinical trial. He remains a director of Novacta.

After the foundation of Cantab Anti-infectives in 2012 to continue development of the preclinical projects initiated in Novacta, Mike became Cantab's Chief Executive Officer.

Mike studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge and has a PhD in microbial biochemistry from the University of Leicester. He is a named inventor on 20 patents or patent applications and an author of approximately 60 research papers.

Pamela Brown, Director, Medicinal Chemistry

Pam has over 30 years experience in anti-infective drug discovery, gained at GlaxoSmithKline and legacy companies. As Senior Team Leader at GSK, Pam led the UK chemistry team in lead optimisation campaigns towards identification of novel agents with activity against Gram- negative pathogens. She is also an experienced programme leader, having led teams in both hit to lead and lead optimisation phases of antibacterial drug discovery. Pam has over 30 patents and publications in peer-reviewed journals on the design and synthesis of antibacterial agents in a variety of antibacterial classes, including tRNA synthetase inhibitors, pleuromutilins, and bacterial topoisomerase inhibitors. In 2008, Pam joined BioFocus, where she gained valuable experience in co-leading Client-focused integrated drug discovery projects. Pam joined Novacta in 2011, and Cantab Anti-infectives on its foundation in 2012.

Pam holds a degree in Chemistry from Imperial College, London, and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry